Chemical Peels
September 13, 2018
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A little tid bit on Chemical Peels

Who benefits most?
Acne sufferers, those with melasma (a hormonal pigmentation condition), those with sun spots or sun damage, & those looking to freshen up their overall skin appearance.

How does it work?
Chemical is applied to the skin causing exfoliation, typically causing peeling of the superficial skin. This process may take 48 hours before seeing any peeling, & 5-7 days for the peeling to cease.

Do chemical peels hurt?
It is possible to feel some stinging or an itchy-like feeling during the treatment. This may take about 15 minutes to fade away. Using a fan during the treatment helps relieve this.

Can I peel the skin away?
That's a hard "no." You do not want to pull away skin prematurely. This can lead to side effects like scarring, discomfort, infection, & repeated peeling. There are tips & tricks we give you to help alleviate any immense peeling.

What does a peel cost?
There are many variables when it comes to the cost of a chemical peel. The strength of peel is the biggest factor. There are a wide variety of peels out there. From very superficial to "deep depth." Also, the person providing your treatment. If you're getting a peel from a salon or spa, the price will differ greatly when receiving one from a physician's office. This again, mostly, goes back to the type of peel. Physician's have access to stronger peels. Due to concentration levels in the ingredients, they are treated as "prescprition strength." Most physician grade peels (in the midwest) average $100 to $250 per treatment.