Skin Care...Where do I Start?

Why do I start?  We all have to age, so why not age as gracefully as possible?

When is the best time to start? Now. The sooner you start taking care of your skin, the better. Just like an organ, the skin needs care. Skin Care. See what I did there?

There are so many products/treatments out there. Where do you start? You can start at any store that sells product. These products may work for you. Sometimes they work long term, sometimes they work for a bit, sometimes they flat out don't work. This may not be because of an ineffective product or treatment, but rather from the inappropriate choice of each or both.

It's true- just like there are health trainers, life style coaches, or nutritionists- there are people who can help you make the right decisions in your skin health. This means knowing exactly what your skin needs for it's condition.

No more going into the department store and being overwhelmed by the vast amount of product or treatments on the shelves.
No more half used bottles of lost money sitting in the bathroom cupboard.
Be educated in your skin and what it needs.

How do I start?  Make friends with an Aesthetician.

Come in and see Chey Anne or Jennifer, and learn what your skin needs to be the healthiest it can be!